CPAP Coaching Program

Our CPAP Coaching Program helps you with questions and issues that you may be having with your CPAP therapy. This program is open to anyone who is interested in using a CPAP device and would like to be guided through the treatment process on a one-on-one basis with a sleep therapist.


Our goal is to make available professional advice to customers who would like to talk to someone who understands CPAP therapy and can offer practical solutions that work. Our sleep therapists listens attentively to what you have to say and give you their best suggestions and advice. During a therapy session, you are encouraged to choose the focus of the conversation, and we'll guide you through the discussions that follow.


Program Overview

The CPAP Coaching Program is structured into 2 sessions.



    Our program is structured as such so that you have some time to make any adjustments that you wish to make to your routine. We want to give you the time to adjust to any suggestions that we may have for you, and come back for a review with us.


    What can we help you with?

    • General overview of what the CPAP treatment is all about
    • Identifying weak areas in your treatment that can be improved
    • Comment on problems and issues that you share with us on your sleep routine
    • Guide you through acclimatization to the CPAP program
    • ResMed product introduction


    What are our responsibilities?

    • Our sleep therapists will give you their undivided attention for the duration of your session.
    • Your sleep therapist has been trained to coach you in a professional, ethical and caring manner.
    • We will do our best to answer all the questions that you may have for us, and aid you in the treatment process.
    *Please note that we are unable to provide medical or legal advice. All our recommendations are to be taken as suggestions on doing well with the CPAP therapy, and you should always seek the medical advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider for medical or health-related issues. This program should not be relied upon for medical diagnosis or treatment.


      What are your responsibilities?

      In order to ensure that our sessions with you go well, please take note of the following:

      1. You are responsible for making and keeping your appointments, and for all payable fees.
      2. You should prepare any questions that you may have for us.
      3. You must give us 24 hours notice if an appointment has to be cancelled. If you do not select an alternative session time, your session(s) will be forfeited.


      What about your privacy?

      SG Medical takes patient confidentiality very seriously. All information that you share with us is kept strictly confidential and will not be used for any other purposes without your knowledge and consent other than to facilitate our discussions with you.



      by making an appointment, you acknowledge and understand the terms and conditions listed on this page.