About Us



Our Vision

To be a leader in the field of sleep and respiratory therapy.


Our Mission

We serve with distinction and provide comprehensive healthcare catering to the needs of our partners and customers.

Our philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. We believe in offering our services at a level of client focus that is superior to that offered by our competitors through world-class patient and product support.

Over the past few years, our SG Medical has grown from strength to strength through our unwavering core beliefs. With a growing team of dedicated Sleep Specialists and a manufacturer-certified technician team, SG Medical is your one stop solution for all your CPAP treatment needs from product purchase to product support.


Who We Are

SG Medical was incorporated in 2008 as a medical start-up with strong product lines in sleep and respiratory therapy. As a total solutions partner, our goal is to provide our customers with the best sleep and respiratory therapy solutions that are accustomed to their individual needs.


Our Webstore

SG Medical has always believed that our customers come first. Making our products and services available you to in the most convenient way possible is in line with our customer-centric ethos, and this webstore serves that purpose.


We welcome you to explore the products that we have made available to you online, saving you precious time and effort from making the trip to our physical store for a simple, straightforward purchase . Our delivery service will ensure that you will receive the products you order in the comfort of your home.


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