How should I clean/disinfect and maintain my CPAP machine and Mask?

- Mask

On Daily basis:

Detach the cushion from frame and rinse the cushion with tap water and mild detergent (eg: hand soap/Baby shampoo). Make sure to air dry it before it is ready to use. For easy maintenance you can clean the cushion using alcohol free wipe to safe some hassle.


On Weekly basis:

Rinse the headgear, vent, elbow (short tube) and the frame of the mask with mild detergent and allow to air dry. The headgear should be hand wash only because washing machine will break the elasticity of the headgear easily.



Maintain the machine cleanliness by wipe off the dust on the surface of the machine every day and keep your machine on a clean and flat surface. Replace the water inside of the humidifier tub every day. Change air filter and service your machine every 6 month to ensure machine functionality.

If you wish to generate CPAP usage report, kindly inform us before proceed to us with the SD card from the machine OR you may visit our website, support page and select “CPAP Data Sharing” in order to upload the data while saving a trip down to our showroom.