Bundle subscription

Thank you for showing interest in SG Medical Bundle subscription programmed. 

This programmed aim is to help you and all our customer to manage your CPAP equipment better while gaining the most value at our store!

From our past experiences, customer mains concern is the comfort of the mask after using it for some time. 1 of the biggest factor is due to the quality of the mask. We have heard the numerous feedback given by you (our customers) and decided to help you with that!

Our current programmed aims to provide FREE delivery of mask parts such as cushion and headgear to customer and even provide servicing for you on an annual basis. 

This subscription may be cancelled at any time! So if you feel this programmed does not suit you afterwards. You may just cancelled it at will. 


How much does it cost?

F20 package;

-  1x F20 Headgear, 1x F20 Cushion, 1x Servicing 

$240 - $260 (U.P $318)


N20 package;

-  1x N20 Headgear, 1x N20 Cushion, 1x Servicing 

$205 - $212 (U.P $264)


N30i / P30i package;

-  1x 30i Headgear, 1x Cushion OR 1x Frame w Elbow, 1x Servicing 

$190 - $210 (U.P $258 - $276)


If you are keen or have any feedback for us, click here as we want your feedback!