What Do I Need for CPAP Treatment

Through our experience, we have observed that many of our customers usually have the same questions when it comes to purchasing a CPAP device and accessories. Although there are many articles available on the Internet on how to choose a mask or a CPAP device, there is none that will guide you through the process.
We are going to change that now. SG Medical has tailored a step-by-step questionnaire that will ask the necessary questions that will aid you in making a purchase. We'll tell you how each question determines what products you should use, and at the end of it all, we'll even make a recommendation to you. Do note that this questionnaire is only for Resmed products, and here's why we only carry Resmed products.
Make use of this valuable resource to make better informed choices now.  Questions? Give us a call for a further discussion!
    Which type of mask should I use?
      Which model of CPAP machine should I use?
        Should I use a CPAP machine?