Accessories Obsolescence

Dear Customers,

Please note that the below parts will not be eligible for ordering to the manufacturer from 01 Dec 2021. Any available stock is while stocks last.

Please check with the Showroom team on alternative/compatible parts.

Ref: EA Product Bulletin Feb 2021 Ver. 1.0

62905 AirFit P10
62915 AirFit P10 for Her
38824 AirFit P10 AirMini Mask Pack
62930 AirFit P10 Pillow (XS)
62931 AirFit P10 Pillow (S)
62932 AirFit P10 Pillow (M)
62933 AirFit P10 Pillow (L)
62935 AirFit P10 Headgear
62936 AirFit P10 for Her Headgear
62938 AirFit P10 Frame (1pk)
62965 AirFit P10 Headgear Clip (10pk)
62756 Quattro Air Mask Headgear STD
62757 Quattro Air Mask Headgear (S)
62758 Quattro Air for Her Headgear (S)

62717 Quattro™ Air (S)
62718 Quattro™ Air (M)
62719 Quattro™ Air (L)
62736 AirFit F10/Quattro Air FFM Cushion (XS)
62737 AirFit F10/Quattro Air FFM Cushion (S)
62738 AirFit F10/Quattro Air FFM Cushion(M)
62739 AirFit F10/Quattro Air FFM Cushion (L)
62759 Quattro Air for Her Headgear STD
62760 Quattro Air Mask Frame (XS/S)
62761 Quattro Air Mask Frame (M/L)
62762 AirFit F10/Quattro Air Mask Elbow
62772 Quattro™ Air for Her (XS)
62773 Quattro™ Air for Her (S)
62774 Quattro™ Air for Her (M)
62778 Quattro Air NV (XS)
62799 Quattro Air NV (S)
62790 Quattro Air NV (M)
62791 Quattro Air NV (L)

Thank you.