Consumer Advisory

Dear Customers,


SG Medical Pte Ltd is the authorized distributor and service center for ResMed products in Singapore.


When you purchase your genuine ResMed products and accessories from us, you are assured of its quality.  You will also receive professional advice and support from our qualified ResMed sleep therapists.


Our factory-certified technicians also have the necessary servicing equipment to ensure that your CPAP device is properly calibrated and maintained - keeping it in good condition to serve you longer.


All other 3rd party resellers do not have the proper equipment and training to maintain your devices, and your warranty will not be honoured by us - the Authorized Service Center for ResMed products (servicing charges will apply). You will not receive the level of care and commitment that we give to our customers and you are also not assured of the quality of the product you receive. 


See our comprehensive warranty policy to understand why our customers put their trust in us.