AirMini additional information

Bluetooth Connection to App

Pair the AirMini™ with an Android or Apple device to view sleep therapy data. The device does not have a screen; therefore, the app has been designed to display important information such as:


30 Day Sleep Score

Usage Hours

Events Per Hour

Leak Rate

HumidX™ Humidification Component

Humidifiers are wonderful additions to CPAP therapy as they provide moisture and can ease side effects from therapy. However, when traveling a humidifier can be a difficult item to pack. ResMed designed the HumidX™ waterless component into the tubing of the AirFit™ N20 and AirFit™ P10 masks for the Air Mini™ device. Travel lighter while adding moisture to sleep therapy.

Portable Travel CPAP System Accessories

Unlike many power supplies, the AirMini™ AC power supply is small, measuring 7.6cm long by 5cm wide by 3.4cm tall. The travel sized humidifier has been eliminated with the addition of the HumidX™ component built into N20 and P10 CPAP tubes.


For Use in CPAP or APAP Mode

The Air Mini™ machine defaults to Auto-Adjusting CPAP mode, but it is designed to work in either CPAP or APAP mode depending on need. In APAP mode, the machine adjusts the pressure based on the prescribed pressure.


FAA Approved

The AirMini™ meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. If using the device while on an airplane, disconnect from Bluetooth by pressing down on the Bluetooth button for a minimum of 10 seconds. The light will release a white flash when airplane mode has been reached.


Tips to Pair the Device with the AirMini™ By ResMed App


1. Download the (free) AirMini™ By ResMed App

2. Open the app and agree to the Terms & Conditions
Please Note: No signup or personal information is required.

3. Verify the Bluetooth feature on the smart phone or tablet have been enabled.

4. Gently press the Bluetooth button found on the front of the machine until a small blue light begins to blink.

5. Opt to scan or manually enter the key code on the bottom of the machine.

6. Begin following the setup instructions: Select the mask being used with the device and watch instructional clips.

7. Move between three screens to view data.


The Dashboard Screen shows personal usage data.

The Sleep Screen allows the user to turn the machine On or Off, run Mask Fit, or adjust machine settings such as Ramp, Pressure Relief, and SmartStart/Stop.

The More Screen shows preferences and user guides.


Important: Return Policy


Return On Warranty Issues Only.